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Fakebook ?

Why Do Some Advertisers Believe That 90% Of Facebook Ad Clicks Are From Bots? To listen to the Facebook (FB) earnings call last week, you would have thought that the management Image via CrunchBase team passionately cares about their users’ experience and the care and feeding of their […]

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Not-so-clever-bridge AG

Case draft: cleverbridge, a cologne /german based company seems just pure fraud and claim to sell antivirus software just to get your credidcard information and using it for unauthorized charges and act as payment processor for camshare LLC  for  illegal software licencing / virtuel gifts and other criminal activitys. Accusations: We […]

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New server , new luck…..

Since some folks try to hack my webserver and phishing facebook  accounts ( see left screenshot ,the php script is linked with image ) and  uploadet banking malware from the royal bank of canada and the citizenbank ( see screenshot below )via a wordpress vulnerability onto my webserver and i had several  hacking attempts […]

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After paltalk aquired camfrog a few month before , camfrog was target from massive DDOS attacks (blog entry removed from No,  not the regular roomattacks, that has been going on for years, this attack  prevent users from  login for 5 days , Camfrogs excuse “Software updates” […]

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