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It starts with an idea.

It could be an app, a platform, a widget, or an API.
You might've already started or it might just be something you need.

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Ideas are built into products.

Developers, designers, writers, and creatives band together in support of those ideas. Work gets done.

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Products come to life.

Backed by the support of LET´s CREATE, collaborators remain involved in product marketing and maintenance as the product continues to evolve.

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Success is shared.

All of the profits are divided among those who contributed.

Products we use + Creatives

Redefining the way things get made.
Jesse Chen

Meet Jesse

Technology strategist with a passion for civic engagement and democracy


Colored Coins

We're making ownership cryptographic and borderless.

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You ?

We need an experienced CTO with a vision, who believes in great ideas and has passion for startups and new technologies.


Meet Dimitry

I'm Dimitry, a russian mad scientist and ruby on rails developer living in the ukraine.

Landline hosted chat



Hosted, flexible chat for your product.


Meet Marc




Smarter Notifications.

Add read-receipts, smart notifications to your app.

Imageresize as a Service


Image resize as a Service

Processes images on the fly using imagemagick.

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We are developers, designers, writers, creatives, or marketers by trade. But we are makers at heart.
LET´s CREATE, formerly assembly is where we band together to build.

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