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We are developers, designers, writers, creatives, or marketers by trade. But we are makers at heart.

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The Idea

The Internet has brought humanity together to create things we couldn't have created alone. We can see this everywhere, from Wikipedia to Open Source software.

LET´s CREATE is a platform that enables anyone, anywhere to openly collaborate and build real businesses together. This is how we create software in the Information Age. We're excited about what can be achieved as a connected community of talented and driven people are innovating on products freely.

“Unlike traditional companies with shareholders and employees, everything on LET´s CREATE is build, operated, and owned by a global community of makers, together.”

The original core platform was built and launched in late 2013 by the founders Dave Newman, Matthew Deiters and Chris Lloyd. It didn't take long to see that the mission was being accomplished and fulfilled. In 2015 they made a shift to changelog, removed chat and other features, before they finally shut down on December 6, 2015.

In January 2017 I decided to bring back the original assembly version 1, because I continue to believe that this model is the most democratic form of business ownership for tech entrepreneurs that I've come across. In march, I've meet Konstantin and together with him and Dmitry we rebuild assembly from the sources on github and renamed it to LET´s CREATE.

The Values

Global Diversity

Everyone is invited to make an impact, have influence, and be able to share their best work. Ideas, vision and execution are be driven by the community.


Leadership and vision are modeled after open source's notion of a merit-based Core Team that is part of the community.


Instead of employment contracts, people should be able to work when they want, how they want, and where they want.

Shared ownership

Success is shared equitably. Each contribution should be rewarded with a fair amount of ownership stake as determined by the community.


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