Getting paid

Getting Paid

Earning Money

Products that earn a profit will distribute their income to owners, typically each month. Profit is computed simply as revenue minus expenses, as reported to LET´s CREATE, for each product. LET´s CREATE takes its 10% platform fee from the total profit (not total revenue).

Partners are paid out in proportion to their ownership of the product in question. Hence a 25% owner earns 25% of profits.

Tax Withholding

LET´s CREATE users should submit tax documentation to help us calculate your tax withholding. We are legally bound to withhold taxes based on your documentation status and your country of origin.

American users should submit a W9; international users should submit a W8BEN form. Submitting the correct form will dramatically lower the withholding requirement (to zero for domestic users, and a lower percentage, depending on the country, for international users.)

To submit your tax information:

  • Click on your Avatar in the upper right
  • Go to your User Settings
  • Click Payments
  • Click Update Tax Info
    • From there simply fill out the requisite forms.

Getting your money

There are several ways to receive your money from Assembly.


The easiest way to get paid is via Bitcoin. It is digital, cryptographic money. Simply give us a public Bitcoin address, and we can send your funds in seconds, anywhere in the world. You can exchange these bitcoins for fiat currency, or spend them at your leisure at Bitcoin-accepting locations. Payment is instant and fees are basically zero.

International users without a US bank account must use this payment option.


You can link a debit card to LET´s CREATE and be paid directly in dollars. This option is only available for US bank accounts. You must have filled out your tax information before setting up direct debit payments.