Transferring an iOS app

Transferring An Existing iOS App not applicable at the moment

App Ownership

To move your product onto LET´s CREATE, you will need to transfer ownership so that we can track revenue, expenses, and disburse profits to you and your contributors.

Transferring your app with iTunes Connect

To transfer your application our iTunes Account, you need to transfer ownership through iTunes connect.

Log into iTunes connect and follow the instructions for issuing a transfer request. Use the recipient information included below. Team Agent Apple ID: Team ID:

App transfer guided walkthrough

  1. Log into iTunes connect and click into the app that you want to transfer. Use the dropdown menu to select 'Transfer App'. transfer

  2. Enter recipient Team Agent Apple ID and Team ID Team Agent Apple ID: Team ID: recipient info

  3. Agree to Apple's transfer agreement terms and click 'Request Transfer'. Request transfer

  4. Send an email to with your app name and the github repository for your product.

Source code

Each LET´s CREATE product has an associated Github repo under the LET´s CREATE. Your product repo will be located at Please push the source code for your app to this repository. Send an email to [email protected] if you have problems accessing your repository.


LET´s CREATE holds domains on behalf of the respective products to which they belong. All products on LET´s CREATE must transfer ownership of their domains within 90 days of joining the platform. Products that have not transfered their domains within this time frame will be removed from the platform.

If you already own a domain that you would like to use with your LET´s CREATE product, unlock your domain at your registrar and email [email protected] with an authorization code to initialize the transfer.

If you do not have a domain and would like to purchase one, email [email protected]. Include the name of your Assembly product, the desired domain name, and a link to the Github repository for your product.