The Basics

How does LET´s CREATE formerly assembly work?

LET´s CREATE enables products--from software and hardware, to online communities--to be built like open source projects. Contributors earn a part of a product (in App Coins) when they complete a bounty made by that product's core team.

The projects are open and transparent, and anyone can help build them, whether you want to contribute a few hours or a few months. Product ideas, vision and execution are driven by the community.

Each contribution you make will be rewarded with a fair amount (as determined by the community) of stake in the project. Stake is distributed in the form of App Coins. If a product is generating revenue, everyone who helped build it receives payment each month.

Working on LET´s CREATE projects is a great way to learn, challenge yourself and make a meaningful contribution to a great product. Also, if the products you help build are successful, you can earn substantial income.

What is the best way to get the feel for LET´s CREATE?

Hop into a discussion and introduce yourself! There are lots of products in active development today (find some here!), and everyone working on them is friendly. Talk about your interests and availability and see if there are any bounties you’d like to work on. Helping build products is a rewarding, fun way to quickly gain an understanding of how LET´s CREATE works.

Or submit your own idea here!

What parts of building can I help out with?

Anything and everything. Take a look at the bounties on a particular project and see if anything is of interest to you. And be sure to pop into Community Chat so that the Assembly community can welcome you, or to introduce yourself to the team working on a project you like. No matter what your skills are, there’s someone on LET´s CREATE who needs them.

Everyone is free to participate in supporting and evolving any products built on LET´s CREATE in the ways they see fit. Help out as little or as much as you want.

Why do people work on LET´s CREATE products?

LET`s CREATE is a community of makers, and people come here to build. Some are seeking a challenge and a chance to learn, while others are inspired by the collaborative environment. While contributors will earn a real portion of any income their apps earn, some people simply find the opportunity to make great products to be truly rewarding.

How is an app’s revenue distributed?

When anyone contributes to a product (whether by submitting code, copy or design), he or she will earn App Coins. Each product has its own App Coins, and anyone who owns them is entitled to a portion of the app’s revenue.

Each month, after an app’s expenses are paid, the revenue will be distributed among everyone who contributed to it. If you own 5% of the App Coins for a product making $20,000/mo after expenses, you’ll earn $1,000/mo.

More on this in the revenue and App Coins section of the FAQ

I have a great idea. Will the LET´s CREATE community build it for me?

Not exactly. LET´s CREATE is a place to build products collaboratively. If you are passionate about an idea and eager to play a key role in seeing it through, LET´s CREATE is a great place to do that. If you want to offer the idea and let someone else build it, you may find more success elsewhere.

A key ingredient to success on LET´s CREATE is community support. There are many ways to get the community to rally behind your product, but the best approach we’ve seen is to join in on another project and start building a network of talented LET´s CREATE members. That way, when you launch your own project you’ll already have people in mind for your core team.

Read more about how to get momentum for your idea

Who owns the intellectual property?

You do. However, in order for LET´s CREATE to monetize the product on behalf of you and the community, we need some non-exclusive rights that are outlined in our terms of service.

What does transparency mean to LET´s CREATE?

This is really important to us. When a product is built on LET´s CREATE, we believe an open, transparent process is key. That means anyone can see progress, discussions, ownership and even revenue.

Obviously we couldn't make the claim that building products in public is the best approach if we weren’t doing it ourselves, so we're entirely open source. Check out LET´s CREATE Meta to see our development history and discussions, and even get real-time updates as we ship new features.

How is LET´s CREATE different from Kickstarter or an incubator?

VCs and incubators invest capital in a traditional company in exchange for equity. That capital is used to accelerate company growth until there is a liquidity event (IPO or acquisition) where the investors and founders receive most of the reward. LET´s CREATE instead provides a platform and backbone services so that anyone, anywhere can work together to build great apps and share the rewards fairly.

On Kickstarter, you can contribute money to help a product or idea launch, and you’ll be rewarded with a prize or an early version of the product. On LET´sCREATE, you can contribute your time and talent, and in return you will have actual ownership over that product. Also, we haven’t seen any potato salad on LET´s CREATE yet.

Who covers the costs of development?

In some cases, LET´s CREATE will helps cover costs in the future, and in others, costs that you spend on a product can be tracked and will be reimbursed when the product earns revenue. We have restrictions to this, but generally we can financially assist growing products to get them off the ground.

What is the platform fee?

LET´s CREATE connects you with others around the world so you can focus on building products and avoid the typical burdens of product development like raising capital, managing finances, and paying accounting and legal costs. In exchange, we collect a "platform fee" of 10% of product revenue (after expenses). We’re also continuing to invest in new ways of creating additional value for the community.