How can I get to know other LET´s CREATE community members?

The best way to do this is to become an active member. Introduce yourself to the team working on a project you like, and see how you can help. Collaboration is what makes LET´s CREATE special, and you’ll start to see that as soon as you start working side-by-side with great people.

Pro-tip LET´s CREATE supports both Markdown and Emoji site wide.

Where should I communicate with people on LET´s CREATE?

There are different places to communicate on Assembly, and each serves a different purpose


Definitely drop by our general chat room and say hello! This is where everyone usually meets each other and where you can meet us, the core memembers of the LET´s CREATE team! Additionally, each product has a chat room, which can be found at This is an all-purpose forum for discussion.


If you want to talk about a specific bounty, the comments section underneath it is the best place to do this.

How can I change my avatar?

LET´s CREATE uses Gravatar for avatars. Head over there, create an account with the email address you used to sign up for LET´s CREATE, and add an avatar. It should start appearing on LET´s CREATE moments later.

How can I call attention or assign a bounty to someone?

The best way to do this is to @mention the person's username in the comments below a bounty.