Starting a new Product

How do I submit an app idea?

If you have a great idea for an app to build on LET´s CREATE, head over here.

Who will build my app if I submit an idea?

You, along with the LET´s CREATE community! If you have some skills (say, design) but need others to ship the product (say, development), then LET´sCREATE is a great place to find those people. Products require momentum and community support to succeed on Assembly. Nothing will ever ship if you submit an idea and walk away.

If you help out on other products, start working on your idea and help people understand your vision, you’ll have no trouble generating interest from a talented group of people to work on your project.

How much ownership do I get for coming up with the idea?

The Core Team (which initially is just the creator) will start with 100%. Depending on how much development needs to happen, the Core Team can decide how much of the product to share with other contributors.

How do I generate interest in my idea?

Glad you asked! We wrote a blog post about just that:

Can I port a project I’ve been building onto LET´s CREATE?

Yes. We’re still ironing out the best way to handle these requests, but we’d love to hear about your project and help you port it onto LET´s CREATE. Come introduce yourself to us in chat.

Annuities can be paid to founders who bring more established products to the platform. They are paid out of the product's profit, after any expenses. If the monthly profit drops below the annuities, they will only be paid up to the available profit and there would be no royalty payout to other contributors for that month.

Below are the two key ingredients to getting your project selected as a Staff Pick.

  1. Community support - If you have 5 or more people working on the project, we’re more likely to put our support behind it.

  2. Strong idea - We get excited when we can see that you’ve defined a need in the market and can make a compelling case that your idea will solve it.