Migrating an Existing Product

I have an existing product, can I put it on LET´s CREATE?

Yes. You can take any product you've already started building, launched, or is even profitable to LET´s CREATE

How do prepare my existing product for Assembly?

Read about this in our guides

If another company wants to acquire my product, will that be possible?

Yes. If a company is interested and your team decides it's the right next step, then your product can be acquired. Acquisition earnings would be treated like any other revenue and distributed to everyone who owns that product's App Coins.

Am I giving up control of my product by putting it on LET´s CREATE?

No. You will be the only member of the Core Team to start. This means you make all decisions regarding quality control, vision, and which contributions get merged into the product. Over time, you are welcome to add people to the Core Team if/when it makes sense to you. (We can also help you navigate these decisions, don't hesitate to reach out)

I already have a repo with code, what do I do?

LET´s CREATE provides a free public GitHub repo for every product. If you already have source code elsewhere, push it up to the GitHub repo Assembly has provisioned for your product. You'll also need to update the license to AGPL.

Can I "fire" someone from the product team?

Not exactly. A person's contributions can be rejected, and they can be booted off of the Core Team by 2/3 majority vote. Since you won't be "hiring" the people you are working with per se, you can't really "fire" them either.

How do I prepare my existing closed source code base for open sourcing?

Before allowing everyone to read your source code, do a quick check for any glaring vulnerabilities. Getting setup on Code Climate can also help identify potential security issues and show you which messy parts of your app need some refactoring. You'll also want to remove any private information from your repo (that includes anything in the entire git history). Moving configuration related passwords and keys outside of the repo and then squahsing all of the previous history is a good start. If you need any help or want another developer to double check your app, contact us.

What do I do with my domain?

Domains for LET´s CREATE products are held by core team members in the community(that's you!). When you choose to contribute to a product, it's important to note who holds the domain and to build trust with that person as you build a product together. If you own a domain for a product, you might put a pledge in the product description that shows your commitment to protecting it on behalf of the community.

What do I do about hosting my new product?

Continue to host the product in the same way your used to. Report any monthly expenses to your product's financials so the community can reimburse those costs from the future profit.

How do we collect revenue?

Contact us.