Platform Features

What does it mean to follow a product?

If you are following a product, you’ll receive occasional emails with updates from the team.

You can follow 'Everything' to receive notifications (both on the web and occasionally via email) when people are discussing the product or creating new bounties on it.

If you want to help build a product, start by following 'Everything' and introducing yourself to the team.

Can I create a bounty for a product if I’m not on the Core Team?

Yes. If you haven’t worked on the product much, it may be best to check in with the Core Team in chat and make sure priorities are aligned, but anyone can create a bounty.

However, only the Core Team can award a bounty.

Where can I request features for LET´s CREATE ?

You can submit a bounty, or you can hop into general chat and let us know.

How can I change my account settings?