Privacy and Security

How does LET´s CREATE seek to prevent fraudulent activity?

LET´s CREATE cares deeply about creating a platform that is fair to all contributors. LET´s CREATE continuously monitors activity. If any account is determined to be manipulating the awarding of App Coins, their account will be removed and their App Coins will be reclaimed by LET´s CREATE. LET´s CREATE will use all legal means to recover previous distributions of revenue from the fraudulent account holder.

Is user data secure and private?

Although no one can guarantee 100% security on the Internet, we use a variety of industry-standard security technologies and procedures to protect an app's user data. LET´s CREATE apps and their data is hosted on LET´s CREATE's infrastructure, and access to this infrastructure is limited to a restricted group of LET´s CREATE staff. An LET´s CREATE product will only launch when its data can be safely and securely stored for its' users in accordance with industry standard security measures. The LET´s CREATE community, however, is responsible for making contributions that anonymize data when necessary so the community can work on apps without compromising anyone's identity.

How are payments processed in apps?

We set up a merchant account on behalf of each LET´s CREATE app, typically with Stripe. That way, revenue goes directly to LET´s CREATE and can be distributed to all contributors on a monthly basis. In some cases, LET´s CREATE also handles invoicing for an app.

If you are ready to implement payment processing into your app, let us know in chat and we’ll get you set up.

Can I delete my account?

Because transparency and accountability are so important to LET´s CREATE, this is a complicated issue. Even if an account doesn’t own any App Coins, that user still may have voted or commented on bounties within products, thus influencing the value and minting of App Coins on that product.

When products start making money, it’s important for those who are working on them and have worked on them to see a clear history of ownership levels, and in order to promise that, we can’t delete accounts.

We can, however, disable your account and remove its personal data from the public.