App Coins

App Coins represent ownership of an LET´s CREATE product. Each product has its own set of coins, and each coin holds a certain percentage of ownership. App Coins can be earned by contributing to a project, and can also be “tipped” between users.

Core Team

Every LET´s CREATE app also has a Core Team of active, key contributors. The Core Team influences the vision of the app, standards for quality, and evaluates which contributions are accepted.


A contributor is anyone who helps build a product.


A project is a place within a product to group bounties, discuss priorities and track overall progress.


A bounty is a bit of work that needs to be done on a product. It could be code, design or copy. Each bounty has a number of App Coins assigned to it, which are awarded to the contributor who completes it.


Meta is the formerly Assembly product itself. We build our company on Assembly, so if you are curious about our progress and our roadmap, visit us in Meta anytime.

Staff Picks

Staff Picks are products the LET´s CREATE team is excited about. These products are featured on the Discover page.

Tip Contract

An agreed percentage of new App Coins that go to the Core Team and/or the author of a given bounty. Typically, the Core Team receives 5% of any newly awarded coins, and the bounty author receives 5%.